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“Dear Tony, Please tell Chris and the guys that we really enjoyed             
the band. You guys sounded great.”
                                                                     Art Van Damme

“Dear Tony, How can I thank you for the beautiful gift of your music and your kind words? The “quiet room” invades the listener and surrounds him. The music and the thoughts behind it provide a quiet, restful and meditative listening experience.”
                                                            Monsignor Paul Brigandi
                                                                      Syracuse, NY

“Tony, I listened to the three CDs. They are quite impressive! You really did some super arrangements! I think your arrangements on the rock CD are the most incredible! Tony, I am really impressed! You really drive home your statement about the need to truly appreciate delivering live music to a table of patrons realizing the years of hard work behind your degree of acumen! Bravo! Thank you so much!”
                                               Augie Figurelli

“Hello Tony! I wanted to tell you that I have greatly enjoyed your two new CD’s. I went back to Virginia recently to visit family, and took your music with me on the plane. The meditation CD is so very calming and therapeutic, and the ”Songs of My Family” CD is so beautifully done. What a wonderful tribute to your parents for the love of music they instilled in you, and for all you have done to share that music with others, bring much joy and happiness through your music. You have always been an inspiration to me. I remember once coming to accordion lesson, and our family was going through a tough time. I will always remember a comment you made about how opportunity can come out of challenging times. You were so right. Blessings to you.” 
                                                                                    Nancy Johnson
                                                                                         Mesa, AZ

“Dear Tony, Thanks so much for the [“quiet room”] CD. I really love it. It’s one of the most peaceful CD’s I own. It’s so special to me because I know you and I know how spiritual this was for you. I’m truly honored.” 

                                                            Christine Halvorson
                                                                 Chandler, AZ

“Hi Tony. I really enjoyed the two CD’s that you recorded. I just wanted to let you know that both CD’s were excellent performances. I love the old Italian songs especially when they are authentic and come from the heart. Thanks again.” 

                                                                                Skip Walters
                                                                                 Tucson, AZ

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“Dear Tony, I have recently returned from the Philadelphia area where I visited my wonderful first-generation Italian family. My dad’s folks were from Sicily and my mom’s folks were from a small town outside Naples. I had bought your CD “Songs of My Family” at the Tempe Arts Festival and sent it to my parents in their Christmas Basket. Wait till I tell you this. If my dad wasn’t watching sports or the business channel on TV, he was listening to music – 100% your CD! He loved it and played it every single day. He told me stories about his earlier days – he remembered his own father dancing to one of the songs when he and my mom had first gotten engaged sixty years ago! To be able to give them a gift that brings them such joy is a true blessing for me so thank you once again for your inspired music and your kind customer service. Thanks again and best always.” 
                                                                                    Jo Fleischaker
                                                                                   Scottsdale, AZ

 “Enjoyed your Christmas CD. Keep swingin.” 
                                        Art Van Damme

“Those are great vids. Lady Di and I just watched them and YOU ROCK!!!!!” 

                                      Anthony Graziano
                                           Phoenix, AZ

 “Hi Tony. We just saw you & Chris on Youtube doing the newer version of “Burn Me Up”. WOW!!!! You guys still sound fabulous...even better over time. My boyfriend, Mitch, talented artist/singer/songwriter/guitar player, is in awe of your talent & wants to meet you, Chris & the band. You and Chris and your music are part of ‘my story’. I will always respect your integrity along with your outstanding talent.”
                                                               Sharon Schmitz
                                                                Scottsdale, AZ
“ I found the (Christmas) CD not only entertaining but, also, unusual and fascinating in the presentation. I could hear your heart and soul in the performance.” 
                                                        Monsignor Paul Brigandi

“Tony Putrino is an excellent accordion player and I have used him on several occasions for Swiss and European music.”
                                                                  Max Haechler                                                                     
                                                   Consul Emeritus of Switzerland

 “We have at least two real virtuoso commercial players in the AzAc (Arizona Accordion Club), Augie Figurelli and Tony Putrino.”
                                                              George Tissen
                                                              Scottsdale, AZ

“Hi Tony, Dave and I watched the YouTube clip of you doing BST (Blood, Sweat & Tears). It was great! ...awesome, actually. I don’t know why, but we both got kinda teary-eyed. I didn’t even know that BST and the accordion could do that to me!”

                                                                       Natalie Fratino
                                                                      Los Angeles, CA